4 Pizze Pizza Oven

About Us

Why buy a pizza oven from Award Leisure?

We have carefully chosen our pizza ovens to suit the UK consumer and our outdoor temperatures in the UK. Quality, performance, value for money and resilience to the elements have been the key factors in our quest to deliver the best pizza ovens available on line.

All of our oven shapes and sizes have been tried and tested in real life situations - in other words, by residents of the UK in their own gardens.

Our customers have given us terrific feedback and shared their fantastic experiences; which cooking with their oven has given to them, their friends and family.

Our recipes are from our own experiences and all have been tried and tested both by our customers and us. We have made sure you can enjoy endless hours of fun and quality time with very little effort and expense.

Our ovens look beautiful and their colourful features will brighten any garden. The airflow inside the oven is designed to distribute the heat evenly for effective and consistent cooking and baking.

The ovens heat up incredibly quickly because of their unique interior shapes and not only go up to 500°F, they hold their temperature with minimum amounts of fuel.

Once the oven is heated, our cooking stones hold temperatures up to and above 300°F and are easy to clean with no risk of damaging their surfaces.

Our ovens are easy to clean both during cooking and once the food is finished and all of your guests have gone. All spilt, burnt and melted food can be easily removed from the stones and we’ve made it easy for the ash to be removed from inside of the oven.

The exterior has a weatherproof enamel coating, which is durable throughout our seasons and is easy to wipe down after cooking. We are 100% confident that our pizza ovens are the best on the market. We have created a range of pizza ovens, which will deliver top quality food for the lowest possible running costs – time and time again.