Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Why buy an Outdoor Pizza Oven from Award Leisure?

We have carefully chosen our Outdoor Pizza Ovens to suit the UK consumer and our outdoor temperatures in the UK. Quality, performance, value for money and resilience to the elements have been the key factors in our quest to deliver the best outdoor pizza ovens available on line.

All of our oven shapes and sizes have been tried and tested in real life situations - in other words, by residents of the UK in their own gardens. Our customers have given us terrific feedback and shared their fantastic experiences; which cooking with their oven has given to them, their friends and family.

Our recipes are from our own experiences and have been tried and tested both by our customers and us. We have made sure you can enjoy endless hours of fun and quality time with very little effort and expense. Our ovens look beautiful and are available in different styles & colours.

Pizza Oven Review
Pizza Oven Review

My husband fell in love with the thin, crispy, simple pizzas in Italy and wanted a pizza oven of his own after we returned. After much research, we chose an Award Leisure pizza oven and have been absolutely delighted with it!

Jill | Staffordshire


My Allegro Pizza Oven has a huge cooking space and quickly heats to 350 degrees - great for parties - knocks out 18 pizzas in 15 mins!!

Peter | Warwickshire

Wood Fired Pizza Oven Review
Wood Fired Pizza Oven Review

Love it! Still learning but tons of fun and great tasting food from our Wood Fired Pizza Oven!

Denise | Leicester

Luxury Outdoor Pizza Oven Review
Luxury Outdoor Pizza Oven Review

Authentic taste of Italy! Looks great in the garden and we are the envy of our friends and neighbours.

Martin | Tamworth

Garden Pizza Oven Review